Fishing Report – 11/08/16

The winter ice-fishing season approaches and our current hopes are for a plunge in temperature that gets things started well in advance of last year’s tardy effort. Long range predictions are always a little suspect, but most reliable meteorological forecasts have a significantly colder last half of November predicted. Just for the record, we expect to be fishing by the second week of December. Then again, I believed the Vikings would end up as a two loss team merely a month ago.

We spent most of the summer running north of Garden Island looking for fish. The travel was too long and the concerns for Pine Island fishing grew with each month as we got closer to Fall. I was elated, therefore, to find them magically appear off of the south shore in September. Walleyes, sauger, and perch of all sizes and in all current fed locales made this a fun fishery to explore. These last two months have witnessed great fishing close to home and, in short, it seems that when we do finally make ice there will be a good reason to get out on it down here.

We are currently revamping the Lyon Sleepers website in an effort to make it more timely and more interactive. Pithy comments supplied by you are encouraged, recent pictures containing you are anticipated, and the usual patience exhibited by you is appreciated.

Most of you have my cell phone number by now (or Justin’s or Scott’s) and can call for general info, but reservation and arrival concerns should still be directed to the home number to ensure that the details get in the book. Look forward to seeing you this winter. Fish on!


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