Ice Fishing on Lake of the Woods

For two decades, Lyon Sleepers has been putting fishermen in contact with fish.

If you’re looking for the fast walleye runs of December and March or the steady Sauger action of mid-winter, we make sure you’re there.  The jumbo perch of January and February are no problem while those with a taste for the pole-bending bonanza of big burbot will not be disappointed.  Our 80% guest return rate reflects our commitment – we put you were you want to be!

Lyon Sleepers stresses mobility, the key ingredient in any Lake of the Woods fishing trip.  Satellite houses are shifted daily to locate schools of fish wile sleeper’s uniquely designed for easy movement, follow the successful patterns.  Remember, Lake of the Woods has a combined Sauger limit of 8 fish.


Safety and service as as much a part of the Lyon Sleepers experience as the fishing.  Backup propane heaters and dependable transport equipment all combine to make your trip worry-free.  Assistance and advice form a reliable, lake savvy staff about fishing, fish-cleaning or any other sleeper-related activity are always available.  Lyon Sleepers wants to make your ice fishing vacation a memorable one.

Where We Fish

Lyon Sleepers set their fish houses along the southern shore of Lake of the Woods usually between Pine Island and Graceton Beach.  Exact locations are dependent on fish movement and weather conditions.  Sauger, walleye and perch are consistently caught in this area with the occasional northern pike and sturgeon showing up for added excitement.  Eelpout are also quite common and generally bite best at night.

Tackle should be light action, with soft-tipped jigging poles and 4-6 lb. test line working best.  Small (1/4 oz or less) jigs, plain hooks, or jigging spoons are the most effective terminal tackle.

Maintaining Quality

Fish houses are added and renovated on a yearly basis and satellite houses are accessible, free of charge, to all sleeper guests.  Electronics, like a Vexilar or Marcum, are truly an advantage for fishing all vertical levels of the basin.  Bring one along and we’ll help keep the battery charged.

Fresh Fishing

We believe that fresh holes do, indeed, mean fresh fish. Day houses are also available to our sleeper guests, providing opportunities for angling at various depths and locations and are shifted to new spots as needed.

Sleepers Are Equipped With:

  • Propane heater & lights, with backup heat source
  • Cookstove with oven
  • Inside finished with carpeting and paneling
  • Cooking utensils, dishes & paper products, cast-iorn fry pans
  • Live bait
  • Mattresses & pillows
  • Private toilet area
  • Drinking water

Items to Bring:

  • Sleeping bag & pillowcase
  • Food
  • Fishing poles & tackle, fishing electronics
  • Cell phone
    (Baggage limit of 60 pounds per person).
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